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Fat M.E.L.T-ing Radio

May 6, 2019

On today’s episode of the fat melting radio podcast, Joe interviews Josiah Novak again and this time the guys discuss diets & why they suck!


Connect w Josiah


Book – Diets Suck.

Podcast The True Transformations Podcast



Show notes:

  • On motivation for life, if you pursue X goal and it goes horribly wrong, whats the worst that can happen?
  • Fear is self created without any bias in reality
  • Nutrition is compound interest in that the effort you put in will work for you later.
  • Be aware that snacking can make you obessed and always thinking about food. If this is a problem for you, don’t snack and instead have bigger meals.
  • Random Diet tips;

o   Remove “crap” from house

o   Simplfy your process to eat clean

o   Make your diet your own – pick things that have worked for you in the past

  • Tips for grocery shopping for clean foods:

o   List everything you need ahead of time for meals you’re going to make